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It was during her many years working within the federal government that Suzanne Simcox gradually realized her true vocation lay elsewhere. On a regular basis Suzanne’s coworkers would naturally gravitate towards her to seek counsel, share concerns, hoping for guidance or an impartial opinion. As Suzanne gained a deserved reputation amongst her colleagues as a level-headed and trustworthy confidant, she began to entertain the possibility that her skills in this area might translate to a professional role.img_1027

A warm, open and honest woman with the personal qualities and life experiences that organically instill trust in others, Suzanne was, and stoically remains, always very happy to ease people along in the right direction as a Life Coach. A highly intuitive, strategic thinker, Suzanne is a patient and intent listener able to see the big picture and truly connect with people.

“I can always see both sides of an issue,” she says, “providing context and advice to allow someone to move forward and take action to resolve their challenges.” It is these core strengths and her life’s journey that in tandem have formed the rock solid foundation of Suzanne’s coaching and mentoring work today.

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 Born in Chatham, ON, and raised in Mitchell’s Bay on the east shore of Lake St. Clair, ON, Suzanne is an adoptee – a life circumstance that she firmly believes lends her “a great depth of compassion to understand where people have come from.” As a Life Coach Suzanne draws on the myriad emotions of her own past, channelling her experiences towards the positive energy that is so necessary for coaching her clients.

“On some level we all have self-worth and self-acceptance issues,” she says, “and stories that people don’t want to release keep them from the love and acceptance of self, which is what we all long and strive for.”

Before launching her successful Life, Career and Business Coaching career Suzanne’s working life had been varied and fascinating, inadvertently helping to either equip Suzanne or fine-tune her talents for the important work she does today. For example, during her twenty-two years in marine-focused positions with the federal government, Suzanne spent five of them working alongside elders in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. She has also owned and run a busy B&B and, as a passionate ‘foodie,’ Suzanne and her husband currently also own a gourmet smoked oyster business!

Suzanne’s transition from working in the public service sector to Life Coaching and mentoring occurred as a consequence of the aforementioned ‘calling’ to the work.

“I researched what I felt I could do with my core strengths,” she recalls. “I found Life Coaching training and, fascinated, decided to take it, realizing it really was I wanted to do. I continued to research to find a higher level approach and found Coaching and Leadership International Inc. , which incorporates both logic and heart in their methods, along with the capacity to affect permanent positive change through work with, and through, the subconscious mind.”

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Possessing a Business Administration Diploma with a Major in Marketing, and a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy, Suzanne is a Senior Certified Power Coach® with Coaching and Leadership International Inc. , and an Accredited Senior Coach with International Association of Coaching and Mentoring. Yet despite her extensive intensive training, not just anyone can succeed in this line of work: it takes a special person, with very particular qualities.

Suzanne is that person, with those qualities.

“I walk the talk!” she says with justifiable confidence. “I expose myself to different modalities that I can implement into coaching, mentoring and supporting my clients. I am fully trained in Mind-Kinetics™ and use it to gain access to the subconscious mind, in order to find workable solutions to challenges in life, career, and business obstacles. I have well over 1,000 hours of coaching experience since January 2013, and during that time have found it immensely rewarding to see, feel and hear the change in clients’ demeanour, voice and outlook when shifting a negative belief about themselves to one of positivity. It is exactly why I do this work!”

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As a fully qualified Life Coach, Executive Coach and Business Coach (among other roles in her considerable skillset), Suzanne will assist you in reaching your full potential in life, at work, and even in your relationships. Suzanne can help you deal with trauma and steer you through a crisis; she can work with you to change behavioural patterns to set your life on a brand new course. With her logic and heart-based solutions, Suzanne will help you break through, and break free, of your fears.

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