Autumn Renewal ~ Column in Chemainus Valley Courier

As a forty something adult I still find that I look forward to the fall.  I believe it comes from the anticipation and love I had as a student of starting a new school year. Whether it was secondary or post secondary education I absolutely loved buying school supplies.  I am not in higher education anymore—but I still find that I look to fall as that wonderful transition time prior to the New Year where we can look within, re-evaluate and renew our commitment to leading our best life.

You might be asking what does it mean to live your best life?  Your best life can be anything from renewing your commitment to health and fitness, enhancing your relationships with family and friends or looking at the continuing education programs offered in the area to start a new hobby or enhance skills for employment.

What stops most people from living their best life—is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and fear of success—just to name a few.  Ask yourself—how do you react to fear? Do you run from it?  Do you stand and fight? Or do you freeze and shut down emotionally?  There is no right or wrong answer here—only an opportunity to gain insight.

480041_10151352701860778_443818531_nWhat most people don’t know is that they have a very ingrained pattern on how they navigate fear and that it started at a very young age at an unconscious level. Whatever your conditioned response to fear is, you can change your response by looking within and finding the “root cause”.  By finding the root cause and becoming consciously aware of your patterns this promotes change on many levels.  By change I mean—instead of shutting down or running when fear arises you can harness the energy of fear to help you move forward to start living your best life.

There are many ways in which you can start getting in touch with why you turn to fear in certain situations.  You can start by journaling, as this process of writing your feelings can often lead to valuable insights, or you can contact a local person in the helping profession.  Helping professionals are trained in many modalities that can help you find solutions to start positively harnessing the energy of fear in your life.

Whatever option you choose—take inspired action this fall to start renewing your life.

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  1. Thanx Sue for your enlightening approach …. I plan on injecting some zing-zap-zoo into my life and I know I have a comfort zone hurdle to leap, so here’s to “the leap of faith”

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