Resolutions or are they Revelations?: Chemainus Valley Courier Article January 2014

Each January, over 60 percent of Canadians embark on the tradition of making at least one New Years resolution. The word resolution means making a firm decision to do or not to do something. So, in my opinion whether you are firm about making or not making resolutions you are participating in the post-holiday tradition—just sayin’!

For many years I was what you would call a “closet resolutionist”.  I didn’t really talk out loud about what I wanted to change for the New Year (or for that matter any other time of the year) for the fear of being judged as one of “those” people who failed to keep the goals that they have set for themselves.

The Top 5 list of New Years Resolutions are: 1) Lose Weight, 2) Exercise More, 3) Spend Less and Save More, 4) Quit Smoking, and 5) Become a Better Person.

252336_10151912654260760_389783111_nMy resolutions were always part of the Top 5—lose weight and exercise more.  I failed at keeping these resolutions over and over because I had this perception that if I could weigh less and be more physically fit then what was wrong in my life would disappear.  During that period of my life I didn’t realize what was really wrong.  I just thought being a size 8 would solve everything.  Through lots of inner work I later realized that focusing on my weight just kept me distracted from the real issue—that I had very little self-acceptance for who I was physically as a woman.

Last January I started a new approach to making resolutions.  Instead of looking at setting goals based on what I didn’t like about my life, I decided to make goals from a place of what I did like about my life.  This was a very gratifying process and one that allowed me to set achievable goals that empowered my life in terms of meeting career objectives, finding like-minded social circles and further strengthening important relationships.

The following are my five quick tips that will get you started if you are considering making resolutions this year:

1.   Reflect back on what you like about your life.

2.  Make sure it is what YOU want and not some else’s expectations.

3.  Create support with friends, family or a helping professional.

4.  Be specific as possible with your goal(s), and

5.  Create an action plan with timelines and review often.

Happy New Year!

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