The Mirror of Perception

The past few weeks I have been uploading pictures on Facebook of the beautiful crocus and daffodils in my yard.  I must admit I quite enjoy the many colorful responses I get from across the country.  Who can blame them!  Most Canadians have not experienced a winter like this in over 30 years.

Many of the comments I received were your expected comments coming from snow laden individuals.  However, the one’s I most looked forward to were the comments from a good friend of mine. These are ‘not suitable for print’ but what I can share is that they were cutting, witty, and heavy on sarcasm.

1391620_10202140839655755_1911907029_nI happen to look forward and enjoy what I consider to be harmless banter with my friend because we have mutual respect and trust that neither take nor will take the teasing as a personal attack or judgment of each other. But what happens when the situation is reversed and unknowingly you get drawn you into a scenario in which you get blindsided by the type of response you receive to the information you were requested to give?

This happened to me recently and I can tell you the first few days I was quite angry and frustrated.  Then a few days after that the fog of frustration lifted and clarity blew in and I realized that what C.G. Jung said was absolutely correct that everything that irritates us can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.’

So, in trying to understand what was behind the irritation that I was feeling I soon realized that the person’s comments and opinions of my situation really had nothing to do with me. It was simply their beliefs and I did not need to take them personally. Well I am sure you are saying—really not take it personally? How do you do that?

Frankly, my initial response was exactly that. However, if you are able to set aside your emotions and look at it from a logical perspective the only thing you can control and understand is your own reaction—not the other person’s.

So the next time you find yourself trying to understand someone else’s views about your chosen life remember the following quote of the famous dancer Martha Graham. ‘What people in the world think of you is really none of your business’ and that to somewhat quote another famous Martha—is a good thing!