Executive Coaching

SS_StackLogoThe Rock Solid Leader Program is designed to amplify your leadership competencies, upgrade your strengths and solidify your confidence and ability to engage your teams.

In addition, it will dramatically improve your performance at home and at work by finding your blind spots and shifting your belief systems and effortlessly creating a personal and business life you are truly inspired by.

This program will teach you unique leadership tools including:

  • Immediate Employee Engagement
  • Communications – How to Talk so People will Listen – Advanced Listening Skills
  • How to have difficult conversations to help change behaviours
  • How to Recognize and Inspire Employees
  • Productivity Tools
  • PCMK™ Lasers – Six Laser coaching tools – ten minute coaching tools
  • Strategic Thinking Model
  • Grounding Methods.

It Rock Solid Leader Program is comprised of the following:

  1. Assessments of Competencies
  2. Learning and Development Plan
  3. Self Coaching Techniques
  4. Private Coaching
  5. Group
    • The Universal Laws of Leadership
    • How to Live a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle
    • Be a STAR Coaching Model

    Coaching (if requested)

  6. Executive Leadership Tools, and
  7. Return on Investment

This program is can be done as part of a corporate package or as an individual seeking there own path to enhanced leadership.

Pricing is based on the length of commitment and number of sessions required.

If you are interested in finding the missing piece to maximizing your performance for you organization or as an individual  please contact directly.