Kathy D. Milliken, M.A. — Owner / Practitioner, Withinsight Healing & Wellness Centre

Kathy Milliken_2After knowing Suzanne for three years in a professional and personal capacity, I was delighted when she told me she was becoming a ‘life coach’.  She’s smart, funny, intuitive, and grounded.  Slow to anger, Suzanne is one of the most tolerant people I know.  I believe Suzanne’s strongest asset is her ability to read people well and help others see opportunities where they thought none existed.

Would I recommend Suzanne Simcox as a coach?  Without hesitation.  In fact, I already have.

Maureen Kennedy – Creator of Infinite Joy,  www.maureenkennedy.ca

maureenSuzanne and I trade business services and what I love about working with Suzanne is her amazing and natural gift to create and provide a space in every session for positive and permanent change for any challenge or situation. Suzanne is highly intuitive and has the exceptional ability to get to the cause of any issue in a fast and effective manner, while providing a safe and caring environment.  The result is transformational.

Before I began working with Suzanne, I felt stuck in life and in moving my business forward.  After the first session, I felt a shift that provided me with the guidance, clarity and solutions that I needed in order to move forward in life and business .  In all of my sessions with Suzanne, she has provided a professional platform in which I was able to create a shift that resulted in my ability to achieve my goals and live my purpose.  That’s why I LOVE working with Suzanne — she is brilliant, dynamic and remarkable.