Suzanne’s Methods

What makes Suzanne’s leading-edge approach different?

Suzanne has been trained in powerful logic and heart based coaching methods which helps guide clients to access their subconscious mind where neuroscience has proven is 1-million times more powerful than willpower in assisting you in changing limiting beliefs and tapping into the dynamic potential that is you!

Suzanne is trained in 50 different full session  Mind-Kinetics® methodologies.  A sample of some of them are:

  • Life Purpose:  Answers the questions “Why am I here?” and “What will make my life more meaningful?”
  • The Brain Walk ® Pentalateral Thinker: Removes the biggest boulder on your shoulder limiting you from being your best.
  • Personal Success Tools:  Often wonder why you are having problems achieving goals? This one creates new beliefs, a list of skills to be acquired and a solid action plan.img_1027
  • The Brain Walk® Solutions: A client favorite!  Multiple Solutions to a challenge.
  • Relationship with Self:  Works to raise self-confidence and self-esteem to achieve our goals and dreams.
  • Relationship with Others:  This brilliant methodology takes a microscopic look as to why you have difficulty working or living with someone.  It blasts our judgments and leaves you feeling peaceful.
  • Conversational Coaching:  Assists you in getting to the heart of the matter thus rendering innovation solutions to issues and challenges.
  • Career Transitions System:  Thinking about a job change?  This 5-part system will inspire you to the career you are meant to thrive in.
  • Ultimate Clarity on Issues:  A powerful tool that turns perceived drawbacks into valuable solutions and inspiring ideas.


Suzanne is Senior Accredited Coach with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring. Through working with Suzanne on your issues and challenges you will:          

  1.   Uncover and re-discover your strengths and maximize your personal power;
  2.   Unleash your positive programming and amplify those beliefs;
  3.   Discover your subconscious limitations and shift them into positive action;
  4.   Eliminate self-defeating behaviours that keep you from stepping into your power;
  5.   Expand your inner wisdom as all  innovative solutions are within you,
  6.   Enhance your EQ (emotional intelligence);
  7.   Learn self-coaching tools that will maximize your time and investment.